Sunday, November 14, 2010

Phew! I did it~

Okay.. I am beyond tired.  I am soo tired that I am now officially delirious (cannot even spell right)!  I have been crafting at EVERY available moment for the past week. 

This one I made at home and personalized at the show!
In addition to which I have been woken up ripped from my sleep every night in the middle of the night by one child or another (3 in total for those newbies out there) and every morning at 4 am by the youngest who has not yet adjusted to the fall behind schedule.  AHHHH!  Is all I can think to say.  However, on the up side of all of this I have gotten LOTS of work done! 

The morning of the craft show I was STILL trying to get some last minute things together as well as get the kids ready for the day.   I was a wreck!  But I made it and I started selling some items, got a couple of orders, met some great people, got invited to do another craft show this weekend and just had fun!

Here is my mother in law manning my table!

And don't forget the mirrors!

Oh and to add to my good karma feeling... I won a giveaway at Embellishing life!  I am going to get these adorable cupcake toppers from Jenny!  She is amazing at anything and everything to do with scrapbooking!  Thanks Jenny!  You can check out her blog at
Also my cute little Tom Turkey was featured over at Scrappy Gifts @
The last day to sign up for the Pinkapotamus 100th follower Mirror Giveaway is today!  I will announce the winner on Monday.. we are going to be really low tech.. the kids are going to pick a name out of a hat, literally! 
Also in other news.. when all of the craft show craziness is over I would love to do some blog swaps.  Anyone interested please email me @
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  1. Aw, glad you got it all done. Everything looks great!

    Now get some rest!!