Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Door Bling

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.. ok not really but I would love it too!  So I have started thinking about simple ways to decorate the house on a dime!  That being said I made some cute holiday signs for the kids bedroom doors.  

They cost about $2 from AC Moore and I used scrapbook paper that I have been using for some other projects. 

Here is a VERY quick tutorial!

Start with the plaque shape of your choice.  I chose a rectangle with fancy corners.

Use paint and scrapbook paper to decorate the plaque, I chose red and off white paint with a Christmas tree and presents.

Bust out with the trusy Cricut if you have one available and print out the phrase "Dear Santa, Will Trade Brother/Sister for Gifts"

And Tada.. Christmas Door Bling!

Sibling rivalry is alive and well in the Pinkapotamus household.. so these are kinda just a funny way to lighten the mood!  The kids think they are GREAT!  Hope you fun decorating too!
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  1. hahahaha! Oh my goodness, I would have loved this growing up (I had two bros) Very funny!

  2. such a cute idea. I ahem and in the middle of something similar but Potter themed, I know I know I'm crazy obsessed haha

  3. Oh my this is cute! My son would not trade his sister, but I may need one...I would trade my brother...still! Thanks for linking to Tickled Pink! I am a new follower.