Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Guest Post: Beth Adams

 Hello Blogland! It's Beth from Wiccan Make Some Too. 

Here I am helping out my friend Amie while she is recovery from her surgery. Shout out to Amie! Feel better soon Girl! (cyber hugs)

 Today I want to talk to all of you about the "little things". You know those things you do for your loved ones that don't seem all that important but at the end of the day, they end up meaning quite a bit to the other person.  Maybe you took back some lunch meat to the store cause they gave your husband Honey Baked Ham instead of the Black Forest Ham that he ordered. Or you go that extra mile just to make someone feel special. My son called me yesterday to tell me that his wife was being "mean" to him. I asked him if he deserved it & he replied that he probably did. So I told him that I had no problem with her being mean to him if that was the case. That was all the call entailed but it was my son's way of letting me know he was thinking of me & that meant a lot.  Like for Valentine's Day I got my Hubs some balloons & for an extra $.50 I got a sheet of poster board. I brought it all home, took the poster board & made a sign from the cats & from our bunny Bandit (we lost Bandit the next day due to health problems) Then I  placed it outside in the driveway so he saw it as he came home from work. The neighbors & passers by saw it too! Here it is:

It reads "We love U Dad" 

He was so tickled with this & it did not take much out of my day to do that for him

 As I was making some shamrocks out of toilet paper rolls, I also made this for my Hubs in honor of our bunny Bandit:

It took very little time & he was so happy that I did that he actually brought it up the next day, telling me how much it meant to him. I was like " Uh...toilet paper roll? Not a big deal!" But to him it was. So take a minute & write a note to slip into your husband's briefcase or on the dashboard of his car or in your child's lunch box  that says "Hey, I love you" If you are in line at the store & you see a candy bar you know the hubby likes or a magazine with an article you know will interest them., grab it it put it in your cart. Yea, okay, it may seem stupid but those things count too & says " I think about you even when you are not around." My husband & I have an anniversary this month on the 16th. 

 Us on our Honeymoon in Key West

We have been together since 1996 & our relationship is still great cause we take the time to show each other that we care with little things. 

So only takes a second or two but it will stay with the person forever.

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  1. posted my Guest Post on my Wedding Anniversary! You did one of those "little things that count" for me. Hope you are feeling human again since the surgery Hon. Too sweet of you. I will be smiling all day & then some over this & I will remember this forever! More cyber hugs to you AmieAnn!

  2. I'm hopping over from Cute as A Fox!! She said you just had surgery and I just wanted to wish you well from your recent surgery! Hope you have a speedy recovery!:) Cute blog, i'm a new follower!