Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Flower Centerpiece Tutorial!

Yay!  Saturday was the Girl Scout brunch!  My daughter and I had a wonderful time as usual! 
And of course on the table were the paper flower centerpieces that I made.  Here is the finished centerpieces on the table.

And here is a quick tutorial on how to make them!
Scrapbook paper
wood dowels
tissue paper
galvanized buckets
craft glue
hot glue gun
Start by cutting your scrapbook paper into three different size flowers.  I used my Cricut which made it soo much faster.. especially when cutting in bulk!
Next glue your three flowers together and add a button that has been threaded and tied with twine to the center.

Next glue two flowers onto your dowel with a hot glue gun.  Make sure they line up!
It should look like this.
Now add a line of tissue paper between the two flowers with craft glue.
Then tie a ribbon under the flower around the dowel to look like leaves.
Last glue your flower into green tissue paper, then glue your tissue paper into the mini bucket.
After all 14 centerpieces were made I then made 2 galvanized watering cans into centerpieces.
Hope you have fun makng them for your special occasion!
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