Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Superhero Mirror! Pow!

Once up a time in a city far, far away.. there were two crimefighting little boys whose Mommy made them a Super Hero bedroom.   They begged and pleaded the Mommy to please, please, please make them a cool mirror... so the Mommy busted out her superhero crafting skills and fought bedroom boredom into next week!
The End!
This is the second project for the boys Superhero bedroom.  I repurposed an old floral wreath and mirror that I had into this "POW" mirror.
I recovered the floral ring with black spray paint
and then Mod Podged it with newspaper. 
Then I painted little color pops to make a space for the words.
I used my cricut to cut out action words like "Zap" "Boom" "Whap"
Then I Mod Podged them onto the color pops and outlined in black marker.
I glued the miror onto the back of the floral ring and then added the word "POW"
Last I glued on little stars.
Have no fear.. super Mommy is here!
Now back to your regularly scheduled blog and the end of my sudden bout of silliness!
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  1. Love this! My six yr. old grandson was devastated to learn the other day that he was not invisible & therefor not a Super Hero.....I should make him one of these. Wickedly adorable!

  2. This mirror is really POW and WOW!