Friday, July 15, 2011

10 Minute Harry Potter Wands

Here in the land of Pinkapotamus we are HUGE Potter fans!  My daughter and I read the first book together when she was 5 and then she read all of the rest of the books over the past three years!  They have been the source of many imaginative plays in our house and she always includes her brothers as Harry and Ron.
So this morning in a fit of boredom and in preparation for the big premiere of The Deathly Hallows Part II we decided to make wands!  And here they are sooo you can make some too!

I promise 10 minutes from start to finish for these cool playthings!

Craft glue
Spray paint

Take your sticks and wrap them with twine using your glue at the ends to attach.
Then spray paint black or brown.

Now you can easily perform the best spells such as turning your pet into a wine goblet.
Start with your pet and wand.

Squish and flick your want while saying "Feraverto" and Poof.. you now have a wine goblet~

Simply magical!  Hope you enjoy some magic in your day!

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  1. My son is reading the Harry Potter series now and is on book five. He watches each movie after he finishes reading each book.

    Love how fast and easy your Harry Potter wands are! My boy & his Dad made one from a branch out in the backyard together, whittling it and staining it (for Halloween last year). And boy did he get excited when they burned it, in order to age it! lol But, I really like that yours are a whole lot safer to make for all ages. I didn't come near that project and my youngest couldn't participate due to the knives & lighters and all. I'll have to keep your Harry Potter wand in mind for one for her! :>