Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall Burlap Pillow

Feel like I'm falling for 
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and I have absolutely FALLen for this Fall burlap!
Want to make this fun pillow... now you can!
Fall burlap
Canvas material
Sewing machine
Glue gun
Burlap Ribbon
I started by cutting out the word "FALL" in vinyl with my Cricut.
I then transferred it
 onto a canvas rectangle.
Then I painted it
and pinned it to my burlap.
Then I sewed it in place.
Then I flipped it inside out, sewed the side edges together and stuffed it.
Next I pinned the edges and sewed it shut and added all of my fun embellishments with the hot glue gun 
to make it purdy!
Then I tossed it onto the couch.
What are you falling for this season?
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