Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blog Swap with Scrappy Gifts

Pinkapotamus here.. but not for long.. today I have given my blog to Maryanne from Scrappy Gifts! 
Scrappy Gifts

Scrappy Gifts here - I'm so happy to be guest blogging at Pinkapotamus! She has such creative ideas. I especially love her recent Snowman Countdown! How cool is that!
Still need a holiday gift idea? How about a Scrappy Clock - perfect way to bring more character to a room: family room, play room, baby's room. Here's the tutorial for you!
Supplies Needed:
  • Clock - mine is a generic one (from Sierra Pacific Crafts) at my local craft store. When I first made a clock, I used Heidi Swapp, but I didn't have the right size to make the circle on my circle cutter so it just became too complicated to trace and cut out the circle myself.
  • Circle Cutter - mine is from EK Success
  • Piece of glass (to cut your circle on so you don't mess up your table)
  • Scrapbooking Paper
  • Letter/Number Stickers
  • Craft Glue Dots
  • Scissors
  • Paper Cutter
  • Other small embellishments (nothing too bulky or your clock hands won't be able to go around)
  • Paper punch (optional) - I typically use a star or flower punch as a background for my numbers
1. Using your circle cutter, cut the right size circle to fit into your clock. For my clock, I'm using Track 2 on the smaller circle template.
2. Using your paper cutter, cut out a photo matte. I typically make mine 4.5x6.5
3. Decorate your clock face as you would a scrapbooking page, just use more flat embellishments. Most flowers work as well as stickers, rhinestones, some chipboard pieces, and ribbon. Adhere your photo matte and other embellishments that don't stick with craft glue dots (they're stronger and will hold well since this will be hanging). Make sure your photo matte doesn't have any adhesive in the middle or it will be harder to punch the paper through the clock.

4. Remove plastic cover from your clock and the clock hands. Be careful not to bend your clock hands, otherwise you'll have trouble getting your clock hands to work just right again.
5. Place your clock face and press down in the center to push a hole through.

6. Then cut the hole to match the center of the clock. Then place clock hands back on, being careful again to not bend them. Then press the center down really well. If they're not in place correctly, the hands will fall our or won't make a correct rotation around your clock.
7. Using the numbers on your clock as a guide, place rhinestones or punched pieces to represent the numbers on your clock. I used rhinestones on this one: big ones to represents 12, 3, 6, 9 and little ones to represent the other numbers. Typically I use punched pieces and put number stickers on the top to represent my numbers on the clock. (see my other examples)

8. Put plastic cover back on and hang up your clock!

Other Scrappy Clocks I've made: Family One, Business One, and one that can hold 2 pictures.
Clocks I made inspired by customers' existing decor
If you still need some holiday gift ideas, consider trading/bartering with me or others for holiday gifts. Click here for more information! Have a very happy holiday season!
Come check out my Scrappy Saturdays and link up your scrapbook related projects! Oh and come enter my giveaway for a free Blog Design!

Maryanne Nelson
Scrappy Gifts

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