Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Iron Crafter Clothes Pins

I am an Iron Crafter!  In my first competition I made the top 10.. in my second I made the top 3.. I hope to move one step closer to the coveted Iron Crafter title this time around with the clothes pins competition!

With the holidays coming I have been thinking about what to do with all of my pictures that come from family and friends in cards and letters.  I scavenged around in my basement and found some wood trees that I had purchased 5 years ago to give as gifts.

In the midst of a move the trees got lost and were just recently rediscoverd.   I used some Christmas clothes pins that I had bought just for fun and put away to make a light up Christmas tree picture holder.
Here's how I made it!
I painted both my wood tree and base.
Then I added some holiday clothespins
and some trimmings

Then I glued in the lights with my Hot glue gun
Finished the bottom with the base and some presents under the tree and Voila! a fun and cute solution to the problem of where to put all of those Christmas card pictures!
Hope you try one too!  Now fingers crossed that I make the top ten!


  1. Fingers crossed!

  2. Any idea where you can find these trees? We made them too a while ago and got the trees from Michaels. Can't find them anymore.