Saturday, December 18, 2010

I am a BRAVE Woman!

Yesterday was my annual Girl Scout Holiday Party!  I had 13 excited eight year old girls at my house to make sugar cookies, necklaces and ornaments.  My house may never be the same!  We had a great time!
We started by making the cookies.  I spread my entire counter with powdered sugar
and then let the girls roll out the dough!
Then they cut out the shapes and baked.  While the cookies baked, I let the girls each make an icing color of their choice to decorate with.  Yes, I DID give them food coloring!  These are how the cookies came out iced!
Didn't them make great colors? 
Next we made some washer necklaces with a little holiday flair.. jingle bells!
And of course, every holiday party needs a new decoration for the the tree!
The last thing we did was a holiday gift exchange.  I had all of my girls bring a $10 gift wrapped in a shoe box.  We played musical present with 1 present at a time.  The winner got a present and added her gift into the mix.  It was great!  All the girls loved their gifts!  And of course I had to give my girlies something for Christmas so here is what they got!
Can YOU guess what it is?

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