Wednesday, November 16, 2011

City Girl Gone Coastal Guest Post

Hi all,
I’m pleased as punch to be over here today, sharing a little something with you whilst Amie is having a very well deserved break at Disney, next time I’m sure she will insist I come along too!

Today I’m going to show you a quick and easy festive decoration.

My love affair with Scandinavian inspired items has resulted in these little cuties, to make your own you need to gather the following items

{Mini buckets
Red & white ric rac
Scandinavian style embellishments
Mini bells
Hot glue gun}

Start off by cutting your ric rac in to lengths long enough to go round the top of your bucket.

Place a glob of hot glue on one side, I put mine just under the handle, press an end of the red and white ric rac into the glue.

Wrap the ric racs around the bucket, adding more hot glue on the opposite side, under the handle, press the ends of both the red and white ric rac into the glue. Snip off any excess ric rac.

Repeat for all buckets, I alternated between having the red and white on top.

From your selection of Scandinavian inspired embellishments, choose those you want to add to the buckets, I decided on one embellishment per bucket.

Add a glob of hot glue to the front of the bucket; press the embellishment into the glue.
Repeat for all the buckets.

I can’t have any Christmas décor without some bells in there somewhere, and I’m very fussy about bells, they have to have just the right sounding Christmas ring to them! I can be found ringing every bell in a shop just to find the right sounding ones; luckily these little rusty painted ones do the job!

Using home bakers twine I added a few bells to 3 of the buckets, tied to the handle.

Now you should have a selection of rather lovely mini buckets.

I placed mine on the mantel, the little train is a decoration from the Christmas tree we had when I was growing up.

Pop in some tea lights and you have a lovely candle lit display.

Amie, thanks very much for letting me hangout over here, it’s been great fun!
If you want to see more of my shenanigans’ you can find me over at City Girl Gone Coastal.

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