Friday, July 6, 2012

Dear Fridays Letters

Dear Followers,
I am trying something new.. it is called
and I may just be a little too Old for this party since it is mostly 20 something bloggers who participate (I am 33 in case you are wondering!?!).. but I am in my 20's in spirit and have decided this would be fun.
Oh and thanks for all of my new followers.. and my hardcore longterm Pink Hippos..  I love you all!
Dear children,
I am enjoying this beautiful summer at home with you..
I love watching you swim in the lake and improve your swimming, diving and tans everyday.  I will miss you terribly when the summer is over, however, I will enjoy the quiet nonfighting hours when you are at school. 
Stop growing up SOO fast~
Dear laundry,
This week I have kicked your A**!  Take that.. I will NOT be found facedown drowned in your stinkiness anytime this week.., However, next week may be a distinct possibility!
Dear Lake,
I love you.. you are my saving grace and escape for the summer.
  The place that I can enjoy my children's laughter, some cool refreshing water and an iced coffee on the beach without traveling 2 hours to the Jersey shore.   
Dear Lake,
I also hate dragging home your sand on little feet into my car and house and all of the excess laundry you create by being wet!
 P.S. please stop making green algae.. I don't really enjoy it.
Dear books,
I love you.  Thank you soo much for giving me escape from reality, a quick history lesson or just a good laugh when I need it! I am loving "A Thousand Splendid Suns" and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter"
Dear Husband,
Thank you soo much for providing me with the means to be a stay at home mom, now stop bothering me about the little messes in the house.. our children are making memories and your wife is tired and bored with housework!
  Crafting and blogging are much more fun!
Dear Friday and Coffee,
You are the BEST!


  1. great blog!!!! Love the pink!!! I'm a new follower.

  2. What a cute idea. Love all your letters especially to coffee. I'm newly addicted :)

    xoxo Lorelai

  3. a letter to coffee? you're amazing.


    have a good one!