Friday, July 20, 2012

Upcycled Refashioned Wall Hanging

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The project for this week was either upcycles or refashions.. so I thought being the ever indecisive lady that I am..  that I would do a bit of BOTH!
So here is my
Upcycled Refashioned Wall Hanging!
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That's right.. I took my old clothes, book pages, a burlap coffee bag, a bit of paint and a scrap piece of wood to create this unique wall hanging!
Want to make one? .. Well you're in luck 'cause I just happened to have my tutorial handy!
Wood (or canvas)
Scrap fabric (I used old shirts)
Book Pages
Mod Podge
Hot Glue Gun
I started by tearing out several pages from my old book and Mod Podging them to my scrap wood.
Once it was dry, I added several colors of brown and tan paint in long drips across the top of the book pages.
Then I took a piece from a cardboard box and dragged it down the paint
until I got the desired effect which was painted but with the book page still showing through.
While the paint dried, I got busy working on my vase.  I made myself a simple template with scrapbook paper
and then pinned to my burlap and cut it out.
Next I added some highlights in brown so that it would stand out on the wood. 
While the paint dried, I started working on my fabric flowers.  First I started by cutting the lace off of an old tie sweater.
Once it was cut, I grabbed my Hot glue gun
 and glued it around in a circle
 to make a flower.
I made 3 of the brown ones, then I grabbed an old white tank top
and made some more flowers and glued them onto very skinny dowels!
Once the flowers were ready it was time to glue the vase to the wood.   So I glued the outside edges of the vase only.
Then I placed it on the wood and added a big white ruffle that was created from the tank top.
Once it was glued I thought it needed a little white to highlight the background and make the vase really stand out.. so I drybrushed the wood with some white paint and the outside edges.
Next I put the flowers into the vase since the top was open, and glued them down.
Last I created twine leaves for the flowers
 and a twine bow for the vase.
And of course, I just HAD to find a great place to display my new artwork.. So here it is on my bookcase at the bottom of the stairs.
I really hope my hubby appreciates the amount of burns that I have endured in creating this one of a kind artwork for our home.  Seriously, I think I have singed off my fingerprints on this one!
A great BIG thanks to DEE for inviting me to join in the fun! 
And don't forget that you can enter your OWN
RE-Fashion this week at THE CSI Project 
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  1. Curious, where your clothes screaming murderer at you, like your Toms did? I admire anyone that is willing to suffer through using a glue gun. I refuse to let mine torture me any more :). This project turned out adorable.

  2. oh wow lovin this!!!

    would love it if you could share them on my linky party that runs from Saturday till Thursday @

  3. This turned out lovely, Amie!

  4. This turned out really pretty!

  5. Amazing that you created this awesome little piece of artwork from those items. Yes, And I also hope you sweet hubby sees how very clever you are, LOL. Thank you so very much for sharing at Freedom Fridays! Have a super great day.

  6. Just featured this great post...too good not to share!

  7. this looks so great :) you did a fantastic job! stopping by from 4 you with love. newest follower right here!