Sunday, July 1, 2012

First Birthday Crown

My next door neighbor who is also one of my girlfriends, has a lovely little girl who just turned ONE!  So in honor of Grace's birthday I thought this sweet little girl needed a
First Birthday Crown..
so I grabbed some felt, fabric and my hot glue gun and got busy!

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I started with this Simple Felt Crown and then I went CRAZY adding flowers, a ruffle, the number one and some ribbon.
I had to try it on MY girl first.. who of course was SUPER mad at me for not making one for her.. but her birthday is coming so she'll get a purple one with a BIG 10 on it!
Here's my other gorgeous girl at the party sporting her new favorite crown!
So stinking cute, right?  And the best part was she wore it ALL day! (p.s. that's me holding her!)
She even wore it for cake!
So one more shot of the girl and her crown.. cause every girl is a PRINCESS!
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  1. Adorable! Can I have one for my 50th please?! That's the problem with getting older, less chance to wear crowns!

  2. OMG - That is so adorable! Great job you did - you will have to share the one you make for your daughter too!

  3. this turned out so cute, Amie! we are featuring this today, by the way!

    thanks for sharing and have a fab weekend! see you at the party this week.