Tuesday, December 10, 2013

12 Shops of Christmas #1: Cynthia's Soap Kitchen

Yesterday I shared my own craftiness but today I would love to showcase another wonderful crafter!
This is part of a series that is being shared by Joanna from JoJoBean26
I am pleased to introduce you to Cynthia Lynch of Cynthia's Soap Kitchen, with whom I had the joy of hanging out this summer at the Oakland Farmer's Market. She makes beautiful cold process soaps, skinny lotion, aromatherapy blends, and even an all natural insect repellent that I snatched up for Jude this year. None of the other natural products I tried worked for us, but he was bite free all through late August and September thanks to Cynthia's Bug Bane. I loved having a booth next to Cynthia at the market this summer, because the breeze would blow through our tents, carrying the scents of her soaps with it. Instant aromatherapy boost!

She was nice enough to answer my questions, and even to offer a coupon code for readers (see the bottom of this post!). Her soaps make amazing gifts, and pair really well with other items for those themed gift baskets I keep talking about. My favorite is the Organic Mulled Wine Soap, which would go perfectly in a basket with a few fun wine charms or coasters, a wine journal, corkscrew, and obviously, a big bottle of your favorite red! Read on to learn more about Cynthia and see her picks for the best gifts in her shop! 

Please tell us a little about you and your products. 
I make natural, organic bar and liquid soaps with pure essential oils. The inspiration for the soaps comes from the best lesson I learned as a professional cook: keep it simple and use the best ingredients available. It makes for the best, healthiest product you can get.

How would you describe the mission/purpose of your business?
If I could change one thing with my business, I would love to see people get away from using bath products with toxic ingredients. I believe we can all be a lot healthier with a few minor changes to our daily routines.

How did you get started as a creative business owner?
It goes back to cooking. Making soap is so similar--creating a recipe, measuring ingredients, cooking it properly--it was just a natural choice. Along the way I've fallen in love with the essential oils that I use, which is now leading me into perfumery as well.

What is your favorite part of running a creative business? The biggest challenge?

That's easy: my favorite part is making the soaps, and inventing new ones. The biggest challenge is getting the word out. There just aren't enough hours in the day!

What is the best gift in your shop? Who is it for? (Feel free to add a few, ie: The best gift for gardeners is this amazing hand cream because… The best gift for a baby is this burp cloth set because…) I've got soaps for quite a few tastes.Any of my organic soaps are the best hostess or teacher gift because they're both beautiful and useful. The best gift for the beer lover is either my Organic Beer or Organic Stout soap--they'll soon learn that beer is amazing for your skin too! The best gift for someone you want to pamper would be a combination of my Organic Lavender Soap and Liquid Soap in Lavender Grapefruit because the scents are just so soothing and uplifting.

You can use the coupon code XMAS20 in Cynthia's Etsy shop to receive 20% off your total order, through December.
Hope you stop and visit her and share some love!
Amie @ Pinkapotamus

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