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15 things you never knew you wanted to know about me.

Amy @ Increasingly Domestic
Journey of a Housewife and Mother In Training

shared 15 things about herself and then apparently thought that I was interesting too.. and tagged ME!  So whether you like it or not .. you are now going to be subjected to learning 15 things about me you NEVER knew you wanted to know!  So .. let's get started!

Oh.. wait.. this is ME!

1.  Seriously.  Seriously it's my favorite word right now.  We say it for everything.. with every kind of connotation imaginable, seriously!  My eight year old brought it home from school one day and it just kinda stuck, seriously?

2.  Mr. Pinkaptoamus and I are known as Taboo Masters in some circles.. we are awesome at it!  How do you get your partner to say Chariot.. you ask?  You simply say if I were wearing a TOGA what would I drive?  Need your partner to say Cranberries.. Tell them tiny little red things that go in cookies, Seriously!

3.  Running is my therapy.. mostly because I can't afford a real therapist.  I try to meet with Mr. Treadmill or Mr. Road atleast once a day for atleast 30 minutes.. although I have been know to run for up to 2 hours!

4.  Recently I ordered a pair of Spin shoes so that I can practice to be a SPIN instructor.. the seller confirmed what my husband had already suspected.. that I have 2 LEFT feet!  Seriously.. he sent 2 left feet and it took me 2 weeks to figure it out.. GO figure!

5. My husband tried to KILL me on our FIRST date.  Seriously.. he thought it would be cool to try and drive over a GIANT rock in a parking lot.. I ended up sideways in my seat!  Um.. yeah and then I proceeded to marry this person.. see fact #3 for details!

6.  I love the beach, the ocean, the salt air and the millions of freckles that I get when I am there.  So I am secretly trying to subconciously convince my husband that we should get a transfer to Aruba.  Seriously.. it could happen.. he works for a Water company!

7.  I refer to my 2 little boys as maninmals  and monkeys.. because well, they are.  They have been found on EVERY high surface throughout the house including the top of the refrigerator.  The only place that they have not been found yet is the ceiling .. however, I know that they are conspiring against me to get there!

8.  I had my children in my early 20's and 8 years later I still get asked if I am
a)  Their sister 
b)  The babysitter
c)  A teen mother
d)   All of the above
I am not sure whether to be offended or flattered because I am now 31?

9.  In reference to #8, my lovely niece who is 15 finds it it hysterical to pretend that she and my 2 other nieces are also my children in addition to my own 3.  She loves to go out with me and then shout "MOMMMY" in very large crowds so that people turn around and stare at the mom with the 6 kids and think that I was 15 and pregnant!  BTW I don't watch that show.. but have seen lots of promotion of it on magazines stands during my many trips to the grocery store.. seriously!

10.  I CANNOT throw anything potentially craftable away such as cabinet doors, bottles, old windows, baskests, buckets, boxes, wood crates.. well you get the idea.  In addition to this other People now salvage things and donate to my cause.  Mr. Pinkapotamus loves this as any husband would!

11.  I still don't know what I want to bee when I grow up.  I have changed my mind about what I want to be a million times.. from ballerina to nurse, to artist, to gym teacher to my current obbessions; gym instructor or boutique owner.  I figure that I have plenty of time because we are all a work in progress, right?  And 30 is the new 20!

12.  In my house, it is 1950..  I cook and clean, stay home and raise our children while my husband goes to work everyday.  Dinner is a meal that we eat together every night and everything is homemade.  All I am missing is the apron.. so if anyone has an extra June Cleaveresque one you can email me at

13.  Do the MATH!  My husband and I have been together for 13 years, married for 9.  In those years, we have owned 3 houses, had 3 children, lived in 4 towns and 2 states and owned an inumberable amount of cars!

14.  I loved the name Cassandra since I was a little girl.. so naturally when my daughter was born it was the ONLY name I wanted!  Of course at 22 I did not do any research into the meaning of the name and later came to find it that it meant Prophet of DOOM.  Thanks MSN commercial!  But my daughter loves  her name because Cassandra is the author of a text book in HARRY POTTER!

15.  I have several soap boxes that I stand on from time to time.  They are ALL food related because I feel that what you eat  is really important.  So here they are..
1)  In my house ANYTHING with corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oil are BANNED 2)  I ONLY buy food that is made or grown in the US (Canda is kinda on the OK list in an emergency)
3.  SODA is a four letter word!

So there you have it.. 15 things you NEVER wanted to know about me.. but now you DO..  seriously!  It is now time to pass the torch to my 5 victims um.. I mean bloggy friends.. so here they are in no particular order! 

And by the way.. if you have not checked out Amy's blog.. you really should!  She has lots of really awesome crafty ideas and is also my partner in crime when it comes to the 21 Days to reorganize challenge!  So what are you still doing here?  Go visit her @  SERIOUSLY!

Oh yeah and I am totally sharing some of this silliness with

Hope you join in the fun too!
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  1. Oh my gosh! You and I would SERIOUSLY be BFF's if we lived near each other!
    I have a red shirt that says "Seriously" on the front:)
    It sounds like you have alot of fun with your family and that you all are really close...that is awesome.

  2. WOW! So many of those could've been written about me...seriously!!! LOL! And my daughter is a prophet of doom as well;-)

  3. You have a very good sense of humour. Loved reading this post.

  4. Nathan says seriously all.the.time! I'm going to have to think about this one, not sure I can come up with 15 things ??? Thanks for passing on the torch though :-)

  5. LOL! I am glad you survived the first date with your hubby! (I bet he is glad too.) Thanks for tagging me, I am just now getting all caught up in the blogging world. Have a great night!