Monday, January 10, 2011

Pantry Party!

Oh yeah!  It looks like  a party in my pantry now.. cause is just sooo clean! 
The latest project from
was obviously the PANTRY!

Now don't think that I am totally nuts but I did this at 3 am when I was NOT sleeping... Yes.. I do have sudden outbursts of insomnia and I am NOT someone who can just lie in bed thinking about what has to be done.. Nope not ME.. I have to get up and do SOMETHING about it!  So here is the before (if the pictures are terrible.. remember the lack of sleep ok?) :

And the AFTER (Drum roll please!)

I even organized the medicine that we store on the top shelf into containers!

And while I was at it .. I also cleanded the spice rack!

Ahhhh!  Clean and organized!
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And by the way.. I did go food shopping after this cleanout as it looks like my family is STARVING!  I feed them.. honest I do .. that's why the pantry is sooo bare!



  1. Looks amazing! 3am is the only time to get stuff done when you have kids;)

  2. Impressive...that is totally something I would do at 3 am!