Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Organization Rocks~

Now that the New Year has officially begun I have chosen my one word for the year.. and if you haven't guessed yet.. it is ORGANIZATION!  Yes, class say it with me one time.. O-R-G-A-N-I-Z-A-T-I-O-N!  This is what I struggle with most in my life.  As the Mommy in a 1950's type household (all I am missing is the apron.. anyone have a spare?) I am not only the primary caretaker of our children but also the cook, the maid, the secretary, laundress, chauffer and financial consultant (not to mention that I work part time, craft all the time and have a blog and etsy site!).  This leaves very little room for error.  I am taking a stand against my own disorganization by taking on both

Today I am cleaning out my computer work space!  Here is the before..
BTW if you saw the junk drawer this is right above it!

yes horrifiying I know.. it may be the area of our home that irks Mr. Pinkapotamus the most as it is starting to encroach upon the kitchen work space!
So I decluttered, put all of my paid bills and paperwork into my filing cabinet and found some useful organization tools!  Here is the after.. you will be AMAZED (I know I was)!

And a close up of the organizers

Can you say "Wow"?  I know Mr. Pinkapotamus is going to!
Stay tuned also because as this is a crafting blog.. I have redone both the pencil can and the bill organizer!  Check it out later!
And did anyone happen to notice my feature?  Yup the really messy junk drawer got featured at Sassy Sites!  Progress.. it's great isn't it?

P.s.  All my cleaning is literally paying off.. I found $14.51!  I think I will put it all aside and take the kids to Chuck E. Cheese when I am done!


  1. yay for finding money while getting organized!!! I need to start working on a few areas in my house that drives my hubby nuts:-)

  2. Lucky you for finding money!!! I have found a loose mike and ike, some lint, and other none desirable things, but alas no fact I will probably loose money trying to get things all done :).

    Just Another Day in Paradise