Sunday, January 2, 2011

Snowflake Banner!

Does anyone else around here feel the pressure that the stores put on us to move into the holidays faster than ever? 
Christmas starts being celebrated in October before Halloween has even arrived.. and as I was Christmas shopping all sorts of Valentine's Day decorations were leering at me from behind the aisles. 
Well, I am just NOT ready to be moved on YET!  So I am taking a stand and sticking with the season that we are currently celebrating.. and that for me is WINTER and New Year's!  (Okay.. I will probably make some Valentine's decorations.. but only because I have a soft spot for the holiday because it's my little guy's birthday.. insert the "AWWWWW's" here!)

So here is my first project of the New Year.. a wintery Snowflake banner with tutorial!
I started with Woodsies wooden sticks with the fancy edges, some yarn and glue.

I glued three sticks together to make a snowflake.  Then I wound the yard around the indentations in the stick so that it had a woven look.

After all of the snowflakes were made I Mod Podged my clothespins and sparkled them.

Then I got my letters together for painting.. I chose "Let It Snow"

Then I made some textured paint to look like snow with Kosher salt and white paint.

Then I painted my letters.. here is a close up of one!
Then I glued all of the letters to the snowflakes and the snowflakes to some polka dot ribbon with the clothespins.. and Viola!  Snowflake banner!
Cute and fun and compliments all of my winter snowman decorations!
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  1. I was in WalMart the other day and saw EASTER CANDY!!! For real.

  2. I went in a supermarket yesterday and was greeted by easter eggs. Easter eggs?!?!? It was January 1st for goodness sake!!!!