Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Basket to Wishing Well

I love my littlest guys preschool.. his teachers are everything you could ask for sweet, understanding, encouraging.. ok you get the point.. so anyway.. one of his teachers is pregnant with her first baby so the other class Mom and I put together a baby shower for her.. and I made her this book basket wishing well for all the books the class donated!
It was super easy to make and matched the baby's decor:
Wall decal, Adorable Animal Friends with Tree - Kids Vinyl Wall Sticker Decal Set
Here's how I made it!
Blue fabric
white ribbon
scrapbook paper
toilet paper roll
hot glue gun
table saw

I started with my basket.
And then I used my saw (don't you just love power tools?!) and cut off the top of the handles.
So it looked like this:
Next I took a piece of cardboard and folded it so that it would make a roof.
Then I covered it with blue fabric using my best friend the hot glue gun.
When it was covered it looked like this:
Next I covered the ends of the basket with a toilet paper roll cut in half and wrapped them in white ribbon.
Then I hot glued the roof onto the basket.
Next I covered up all of the inside work so it looked all pretty by covering some cardboard strips with fabric and glueing them around the handles.
Then I added all of the cute little embellishments starting with the tree, leaves and bushes around the handles.
Then I added the deer, toadstools,
fox and bushes around the front.
I hope she and the baby will enjoy it for a long time!

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