Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cultural Fair

The past few weeks around here have been insanely busy!  I have been working with a team of hard core Moms and of course my awesome hubby to create a the Northwest Pacific region of the States at our kid's school for the annual Cultural Fair!  Here are some of the pics that I snapped yesterday!
The Mercantile Store (exterior) 
This used to be a jail prop.. but I painted it up and transformed it into a store front.
This is the backdrop that I drew.  Then the ladies and I had lots of painting parties to get it done.. we shared countless hours, tons of paints and lots of laughs in its creation!
Here is more of the interior with the countertop that my hubby created from an old palette.
The kids got to come into the store and create their own list of supplies on mini chalkboards.
Independence Rock  
This is the halfway point on the Oregon trail where the pioneers would sign their name in celebration!  My friend Kerri and her kids created it out of paper mache and all the kids signed their initials.  The S.P.I. are my middles guys initials!
Alaskan Mining Camp
This is the tent city that was created to show how the miners lived in the late 1800's during the Alaskan Gold Rush.
And my favorite part of the Whooooole display is the Conestooga wagon that the hubby and I created (it was the sneak peek from yesterday!)  So here it is within the display up against the backdrop of the Oregon trail that I created from sheets in my driveway!
And of course I HAVE to share just one more pic of it!  It was made from an old palette, a sheet and some pvc pipe.
Hope you enjoyed your pictoral tour of the Northwest Pacific!
Now I am off to the fair to help out again and give the kids a tour!  I'll be back tomorrow with pictures of all the other areas so you can see all the A-mazing work that was created!
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  1. Oh wow! Everything looks amazing but that wagon is just too cool! What is going to happen to it after the fair, would make a great 'play tent' for your kids!

    Have a lovely time at the fair, you have worked really hard on it!

  2. Wow - looks awesome!!