Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pirate Ship Pinata

I made my first (and probably my LAST) Pinata..cause it took me HOURS to make it!  But.. Oh my gosh.. I was sooo excited about it!   So here it is!
Now I don't have a TRUE tutorial for you (since I was making this at something crazy like 3am).. but I can kind of talk you through it.. it was easy.. just time consuming!
I started with a giant cardboard box that I cut into two pieces.  Then I made my pirate ship shape and cut out two of them.
(Like my partylite plug?)
Next I cut strips of cardboard that were about 3-4 in wide and taped them to one side of the ship.
Then I taped the two sides together to make it 3 dimensional.
I left the top open so that it would be easy to fill.
Once filled (we used necklaces, rings, sea creatures, jewels and spy glasses) I glued strips of crepe paper that had been fringed to the outside of the ship.
To make the mast I took a strip of cardboard and inserted it into the open top part of the boat.  Then I covered it with black crepe paper and added a plastic cup filled with brown paper.  Last I added the brown paper to make the wood part of the deck and the flags using crepe paper and twine.
The kids loved it and it was REALLY strong so the kids each got to whack it two times!
And here they are getting all of their pirate booty!
My poor little guy loved his ship sooo much he wanted to take it home and hang it in his room.. but unfortunately one of the kids tore it apart..
(looks sooo sad, right?) 
so I am sure that I will be doing some emergency surgery!
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  1. This is so cute, Amie! will be featuring this today! ^^)

  2. Hi, AmieAn! TSWL's finest of March Final round starts today, make sure to tell everyone you're one of the finalist so they can vote for you!

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