Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Crafterbowl I Serendipity & Spice vs. My Sister's Suitcase

Welcome to Round 4 of
Today's Competitors are Mean Melissa
Horrible Holly (and Nasty Nat)

Melissa is a new stay at home mom of a beautiful 4 month old baby boy. He loves his momma dearly and HATES being put down so usually she is holding him in one arm while crafting, cooking, cleaning, taking pictures, or typing with the other. She just started her blog in January and is loving it! This is the first craft competition she's been in and is super excited!!!

Holly and Nat are two crafty moms who just happen to be sisters {and best friends!} They wish they lived closer to each other, but for now they are using their blog to keep their LDCR {Long-Distance Crafting Relationship} alive. They love to create really cute stuff for next to nothing... you'll find DIY decor ideas, free printables, fun holiday ideas and more in My Sister's Suitcase.

This week's crafting challenge was BUTTONS!
So with no further ado.. here are this week's Fantastic Projects!
Here is Melissa's Shabby Chic Easter Decor
Full post HERE

And here is Holly's Cutie Pie Button Art
Full Post HERE
Now it's your turn to vote!  The winner, who moves on to the next round will be announced next Monday at the Pink Hippo Party!


  1. How do you get to be in the Crafters Bowl? So cute!!!!

  2. Both projects were great and it was hard to decide. It was fun to visit both blogs.