Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crafterbowl I Salt Tree vs. Snugasabugbaby

Welcome to Round 5 of
This week's competitors are Angry Alisha from
and Aggressive Amber from http://salttree.blogspot.com/
Alisha is a stay-at-home mom who takes on life with a baby on each hip, a sewing needle and a glue gun in one hand and a camera in the other. She is the face behind SnugasaBugBaby.com...where she shares her sewing, decorating, crafting, cooking and other such adventures along with her thoughts on life and motherhood.

Amber started SaltTree while on maternity leave with her now, 17 month old Son as a way to tap back into her creative side. Oh how wonderful it has been! She loves to work with so many different mediums from crafts to food and photography. Having a blog has been a wonderful outlet and has introduced her to some fab people in the blogging community."

This week's crafting challenge is : BURLAP!
So here are this week's exciting projects!
Here is Alisha's Burlap Flower Bouquet
Full post HERE
Here is Amber's Printed Burlap Postcards
Full post HERE
Now it's your turn to vote!  Winner will be announced next Monday at the Pink Hippo Party.. so link up and find out who moves on to the next round!


  1. Hard to pick just one! I love them both!

  2. Love the Burlap Bouquet. So cute.

    Btw, You've been tagged. :)


  3. Burlap flowers. Both competitors did an amazing job.

  4. DEFINITELY the burlap bouquet!! Awesome!!

  5. Both are great, but my vote goes to the burlap bouquet

  6. My vote is for the burlap bouquet.