Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Interchangeable Flower Bib Necklace

My daughter and I just adore going to garage sales. 
So one Sunday afternoon we found one within walking distance from the house and picked a few good finds, this cute costume jewelry necklace was one of them.
However, my lovely little girl thought that she could use the beads to make a new necklace but alas they are glued to the string and don't come off.  So we had a sad and sorry broken necklace.. but there is hope for it yet!   First I hot glued it back together!
Then I grabbed these cute Simple fabric flowers I made!
I hot glued them onto a simple pin.
Then I had 3 interchangeable pieces to my necklace.
Pin It
A pretty multicolored flower.
A simple black and white polka dot flower.
And two white flowers to dress up any outfit (providing it matches the MINT green necklace!)
Now on a regular basis I am NOT a necklace wearing kind of girl.. but I have to say that I really LOVE this one.. I think I will wear it alot!
Oh and YES I DID change my outfit three time.. just for you guys! 
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  1. OOOH! That is fun!!! Great way to turn the sad broken necklace into something fun and wearable!

  2. That's a lovely fix for an otherwise unloved piece of jewelry!!

    Visiting via the Fun in Functional Hop :)


  3. I LOVE that necklace! You did a wonderful job!

  4. What a brilliant idea. Such a simple thing to add to a necklace for a BIG impact. And, I loved the fashion show that went along with it :)

  5. Way cute, I love the flowers as clips so they're interchangeable! Thanks so much for sharing this at The Fun In Functional!

  6. haha. i always change my outfits multiple times for my readers.. such a cute idea for the necklaces... just stopping by to say hello. you stopped by my blog from the hop =) returning the love, girl xo

  7. Amie! thank you so much for the follow! I'm following you back. =) I'm loving the flowered bead necklaces. I'm not a necklace kind of girl myself...but those are cute

  8. This is really cute! Love seeing unique pieces and this is definitely one! :D

  9. I love it! My daughter made herself one similar and she always gets lots of compliments.

  10. i love it! and it's 3 times more awesome-er because you can change out the flowers!!

    i'm featuring your necklace this week, you can find the post here:

    congrats on your blogiversary and have a great week!