Friday, August 24, 2012

Rachel Shearer Guest Post

Hey there readers of Pinkapotamus!! I'm so excited to be posting here today! My name is Rachel Shearer, 17 year old photographer :) I blog over at Hidden Beauty Photography, and love love to share on my Facebook page!
I honestly couldn't believe it when Amie asked me to guest post -- mostly because of what she wanted me to post about! 
My jewelry organization! (Yes, that is a custom name plaque from Pinkapotamus, isn't it gorgeous??)
All of my organizers I've made/fixed up myself -- they aren't the best, but hey, they work!

The first is for my earrings!
I saw pictures of these all over the place! So, when I started to collect more earrings, I decided I wanted to make one! Everything I used I found in my house.
There was an old frame I couldn't use because it didn't have a stand or a hanger....
Some mesh we had laying in our basement....
Some lace and little rope...
And, my materials for making little flowers!
Once I had it all, I sanded the frame a little around the edges just to smooth it out a bit. When that was done, I stapled the mesh to the frame! After that, I stapled the rope and lace. I thought it looked a little bare, which is where the flowers came in! I put them together real fast then hot glued them onto it, and voila it was done!!

A little while later, I found an old, rusty metal storage bin. I was looking at the design, and I imagined something I could hang necklaces from, store rings and bracelets on, and store odds and ends under! I scrubbed it down the best I could, and found some red paint. I put on a couple coats, then sprayed a clear finishing coat on it! 
When it was dry, I decorated it a little bit, to make it not so plain!
After a while though, I knew I needed something better for my necklaces (which I had wanted for a while, but didn't have anything to do it with). One day, my neighbors were cleaning out their storage shed. They let me look through the things they were getting rid of, and in the pile of odds and ends, I found a cute little plaque with a name on it! I knew I could peel the letters off, so I grabbed it. After which, I found a bag of knobs -- it was just what I needed! After that, all I had to do was drill the holes and screw in the knobs! 
The last part may have been the absolute easiest... While my brothers and I were moving rooms after my sister moved out, I found an old, beat up jewelry box in my brothers room. It was covered in stickers, scratched, and it was missing a knob. After looking it over, I knew that it would be really easy to fix up. All I had to do was peel the stickers off, wash it all down, and paint it. My Dad had to get some paint for a door anyways, so he got a white I would like too! Then, I just painted it. I still haven't replaced the knob, but I'm not worried about it. I don't really need one there! It's not the best paint job, but I really didn't think anyone would be looking close enough to notice the paint on the inside. Guess I didn't think I would be asked to talk about it ;)
Inside the jewelry box, I keep my stud earrings, bracelets (not bangles) and all of the necklaces that are small enough that it's okay for me to not hang them up!
I love organization, but my favorite is organization that looks cute! So, this was my way to do that! I'm very happy with it, and proud of it!
Granted, they aren't the prettiest in the world, but I made them, and they aren't hideous, and I love them!

So, there's the story about my jewelry organizers! Now that you know how easy it is, you can make some too. And most likely, they'll be even better than mine!!!
Thank you so much for having me, Amie!!

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