Monday, September 13, 2010

Mr. Pinkapotamus

Today I have to pay homage to my awesome husband.. Mr. Pinkapotamus!  Although if you ask Pastor Pam who married us.. he is technically Mrs. Pinkapotamus as she asked if I would take him to be MY lawfully wedded wife!

Here he is being super daddy!
He is awesome in sooo many ways.. here are just a few reasons why I love him:
1.  He makes me laugh everyday!
2.  He can fix and/or make ANYTHING!
3.  He knows atleast half of everything, which sometimes really comes in handy.
4.  He listens to me talk incessantly about my craft projects.
5.  He is a great Daddy!
6.  He knew that I was his even before I did (he always called me MY Amie)

Anyhow, today I have to thank him profusely for saving my crafting butt.. so to speak!  I recently had a customer purchase a step stool and a name plaque through my etsy site.  Both items were supposed to have trucks on them.  However, if anyone else shops in the unfinished wood department of the craft stores you too have noticed that the supply is slowly dwindling to nothing.  After days of searching for trucks for my project I came home empty handed.  I thought that I was going to have to refund some money.. but low and behold Super Hubby comes to the rescue.  He changed in a phone booth outside and popped back into the house with his cape and said, "I can make the trucks!" 

My Hero!
Then he proceeded to draw a quick picture of a truck and disappear into the basement.  After several tense minutes of angry buzzing from the bandsaw he appeared upstairs covered in sawdust triumphantly clutching four small wooden trucks!  He had saved my day! dadadumdum!
Here are what the trucks looked like after I painted them.

Here is what they looked like after they were embellished with several wood pieces that I had in my craft department.

Here is what the finished product looked like!

Yeah!  No refunds here.. just happy customers!  I think that I owe Mr. Pinkapotamus some serious kitchen love in the form of chocolate chip cookies.. his favorite! 
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  1. That's a lovely story about your husband, I was really touched. It's so nice how he supports your interests!

  2. Like I said in my post.. he's awesome! I couldn't have found anyone who could have made me happier!

  3. Love how the trucks turned out! You gotcha a good man there!