Monday, September 6, 2010

Feel Like I'm Falling for Fall!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Fall??  Everything about it.. I love the pumpkin flavored ice cream, the chill in the morning air here in NJ, crunching on leaves, the beautiful colors of the season and of course the decorations.  Everything looks so happy in the fall with the bright colors and the pumpkins and scarecrows everywhere.  Seeing all of these things has put me in a decorating mood.  This is the first fall that we are spending in our new house and I am just sooo excited to be here!
In the spirit of Stashbusting September I busted out all of my old fall decorating paraphenalia. 

I found rafia, ribbon, pumpkins, scarecrows, buckets, wheel barrows and a wreath.  I grabbed the kids and we got busy!
Here's what we came up with!

And here is the adorable pumpkin picture that my lovely daughter painted for me!

Next I am working on a cute wreath for the door, however i can't finish it until I find that darn hot glue gun!
But enough for tonight.. still have lots to do to get ready.. tomorrow is the first day of school.  I sniffle to think that my middle guy is starting Kindergarten and my little girl is going into 3rd grade!

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  1. Amie, I love the fall pieces, you are so creative! I still can't believe your oldest is 8, remember high school? And you are just as thin as you were back then, lol!