Friday, September 24, 2010

Arrrh Thar Be Pirates!

In my house pirates are king!  My two little boys LOVE pirates.. everything about them.  I find them parading about my house wearing one belt around their shoulders and the other around their waste.  They have multiple swords and pistols tucked into their numerous belts and are fully outfitted in their pirate costumes.

When we moved into our house they asked begged to have a pirate bedroom.  So now I am S-l-o-w-l-y but surely adding pirated themed items to their room. 
Last night while I was NOT sleeping as usual I decided that I would raid my stash and see what I could come up with for them.   I found a package of 20 blocks and put 3 of them together to make a cute pirate sign for their room.  They woke up this morning and were so excited to find this!

In addition, today is an exciting day for me.  I reached 51 followers!  Whoo hoo!  A great big thank you to my loyal followers and a welcome to all my new comers.  Thanks so much for following!  I hope that I don't disappoint you!  P.S.  We are half way to a giveaway!  I am going to giveaway a custom children's mirror!
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  1. Thanks for your comment on the slippers!
    My 5 yo loves pirates, yours are cute.
    I love your title. I call my kids, stinkopotamus all the time!

  2. Thanks so much for linking up to my 2x4 Party! I love the room theme! So fun!