Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Canvas Bag to Tool Belt

Yesterday I shared a tutorial on how to make an owl bag out of an old canvas bag.

Well today I am sharing what I made with the left over top of the bag. 

I have three kids.. two boys and one girl and of course if I make something for one of them I have to make something for all of them.  So that being said I had to come up with something quick after giving my daughter the owl bag.
I decided that the top would make an adorable tool belt for the boys!
So here's how I made it!

Top of canvas bag
camo fabric

First I started by cutting the edges straight and ironing them flat.  Then I sewed them into place.
Next I cut out the shapes for the pockets and tie.

I sewed the tie with the wrong sides together and then sewed it onto the top of the belt.

Next I pinned the pockets and the hammer loop into place on the pouch.

Last I sewed the pockets on.

And then of course I gave it to my little guy to model in full army uniform!  (This was not in any way intentionel.. he saw the camo fabric and wanted to play army guys)
And one more of the belt.. a little closer!

Hope you make one for your little army dude too!
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  1. That is fun!! My son really needs a tool belt that fits rather then the plastic ones we got with his toy tool set. Thanks for the inspiration!