Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Spy A Great Teacher!

This one is for our Kindergarten Teacher.. an I Spy magnet tray for the classroom! 
And please don't anyone hate me for cutting up my Family Fun magazines.. it was necessary.. they have the best pictures!

Fun magazines
Mod Podge
Creative items
Magnets of any form
Metal Tray or cookie sheet
Start by cutting out the pictures you like from any magazine.  I used Family Fun because it seemed most Kid appropriate. 
Then lay out the pics on your tray and Mod Podge.
Next put magnets on any additional fun three dimensional objects that you want to add to your "I Spy" tray. 

Last on the back Mod Podge several different I Spy games for the kids to play. 

I chose to do a silly one, an alphabet themed one and a number one!  Just remember to have fun!
I also had my son write a note that said, "I Spy a great teacher and it's you!"
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  1. What a cute idea! There is nothing wrong with cutting up a family fun mag i did it too to make magnets and those little germ monster magnets are my favorite and the cutest :)..

  2. Awesome idea. I am sure she will love it. new follower!

  3. This is the cutest gift for a kinder teacher. The kids in her class will love it. Thanks for commenting on my blog - about Adele.