Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother's Day Brag Book Key Chain

If you are one of my family's "Mommies"  you need to walk away from your computer .. NOW!    You know who you are and I mean now.. unless of course that is that you totally want to ruin Mother's Day for yourselves. 
Now as for the rest of my lovely followers this is one of the items that I am making for Mother's day this year. 
 A Brag Book Key chain..
just a small memento to let them know we care and also so that they can share my lovelies with everyone else!  That is a grandparents right isn't it?
So here is what you need to make some!

Chip board
Scrapbook Paper
Mod Podge
Key Chain

Start by cutting your paper into a 3" x 3" rectangle.

I cheat and use my Cricut. 

Then trace the shape onto the chipboard and cut it out.

Paint the edge of the chipboard to match your paper

Glue ribbon loop  with keychain to the inside of the chipboard.

Cut out paper for the inside of the album and then fold accordian style.
 Then glue one piece of ribbon on either inside cover of the chipboard.

Mod Podge the paper on top of the ribbon. 
The outside shouldd look like this.

Then glue ribbon on the outside edge to give the apearance of a book.

Add pictures of your kids and tie closed with a bow!

Your Mommy would love one!
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  1. This is cute! i wish i had some kind of electric cutter!
    thank you for the comment!