Thursday, May 19, 2011

Three Item Thursday

Today's Three Items are: 
Buttons, Cardstock and Yarn
Oh My!
So I cheated a little.. um because I decide that I would use this as an opportunity to make a mixed media picture.  So although I used the 3 items.. I also used 1 extra which was a canvas so that my picture could be on something solid.  Sorry.  Don't hate me.
My creation started with the card stock.  I cut out all of the pieces to my picture.

I love owls so I made an owl, a tree and the moon and stars. 
Then I Mod Podged them on so that they would be easy to cover with yarn.

I then covered the cardstock with the yarn in different colors to make the patterns and shapes that I wanted.

Last I added the buttons to the picture for eyes.
And of course the canvas was snatched up immediately by my lovie girl who decided that she was in love with it!  Great minds think alike.. owls are awesome!

Hope you try to make a three item something this Thursday too!
Can't wait to see yours!
p.s.  This would have been posted a bit sooner.. however, I was busy enjoying some very important girl time with a friend!

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