Thursday, December 8, 2011

Waterless Photo Snow Globe

Michaels had this great waterless snow globe on their site and while I was there yesterday I tried to pick up some of the snowglobes.. but wah wah wahhhhh.. they were of course sold out!
But it did get my little brain a thinking that I could probably make my own.. so here is what I came up with!
It all started with this little old olive jar that I was saving for some unknown project.
So if you want to make your own .. here is your tutorial!
Clear jar
plastic beads
glitter ribbon
scrapbook paper
styrofoam ball
I started by cutting my ball in half so that it had a flat surface and cut a slice in the middle so that it would hold the wood piece.
Then I glued a piece of scrapbook paper to the bottom of my jar lid.
Next I painted the ouside edges of my wood.
Then I glued scrapbook paper and my picutre on the wood. 
And of course I glittered all around the picture.
Then I added some snowflake embellishments.
Oh and did I mention that I made it double sided?
I filled the jar with the crystal beads and somemore snowflakes and then I placed the lid on top. 
Flip and enjoy!
And then turn it around.. and enjoy it some more!
This was a great project,.. easy, fun and of course it was made with stuff I already had.. so technically FREE!
And p.s. I like mine better than the Michaels' version .. 'cause it's BIGGER!
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  1. Very clever! I like the waterless version especially because we have two kitties who like to examine all our decorations...very up close and personal.