Friday, April 26, 2013

Tips on how to create a child friendly bathroom

Tips on how to create a child friendly bathroom
Whether you already have young children, are expecting a little one soon or just want to make sure that you are prepared for the future, you’ve probably already thought a little bit about making sure that your house is child friendly. 
One room that people often omit when considering how their house can be safe for kids is the bathroom, despite it being one of the more dangerous rooms in the house for youngsters. So here are some tips that you can implement in your home for keeping your kids safe in the bathroom.
Try to ensure that all appliances are at a child friendly height: having a little one trying to climb up to reach the sink or get onto the toilet is just a disaster waiting to happen. But bear in mind that the kids will soon grow out of the smaller fittings. So if installing new bathroom fittings is too much out of your budget or doesn’t seem sensible, invest in some safe steps that will help them reach everything more easily without slipping and injuring themselves.
Ensure that any cabinets that are within reach of prying hands have the ability to be locked. Consider all the different things you keep in your bathroom cupboards: there are some things that will be fine for them to get into like towels and washcloths, but every bathroom is filled with bottles of body lotion, shampoo, shower gel as well as cleaning chemicals. If a child got into any of these, they could do themselves some serious harm without knowing any better. Either lock all these cupboards or keep these things out of reach.
It sounds silly but having children should make you also consider you water usage. 
Kids just love to play with water, splashing it around all over the place, which means that more of it will be disappearing down the drain than before. Try installing a Geberit cistern which provides an economical flush with the dual buttons while also looking a lot more stylish than a usual cistern.
Also remember to watch when they’re brushing their teeth or washing their hands that the tap is not running at full power for too long.
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  1. It is important for parents to adhere to this standard. Aside from ergonomics, turning the whole home into a child-friendly structure is more important. I don't know why, but kids seem to be drawn to the bathroom. You'd find them playing there or bathing longer than necessary. If one is a responsible parent, he would consider taking this improvement. Ryann@Yancey Company