Friday, April 12, 2013

Ruffled Library Tote

This little Miss Pinkapotamus
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didn't like my Big Tote Bag  (it was too boyish!) so I made her her own ruffled pink one!
You can make one for your little Pinkapotamus too with this super fun tutorial!
First I gave my girl free access to the craft room fabric store where she picked these fun prints combined with a heavy pink canvas.
Next I cut two pieces of my Pink canvas into a 16" x 16" square with 2" squares cut from the bottom corners.
Then I cut my ruffle strips which were 36" x 5", one in each color.
Then I ironed the bottom seam to prevent fraying 
and sewed.
Next I turned the tension on the machine up to a 9 and used that to create my ruffle.
Once the fabric was ruffled I pinned it to the front of one piece of the canvas fabric
then sewed it into place.
I repeated these steps until the front of the bag was fully ruffled.
Next I put the right sides of the canvas fabric together and pinned it, 
then sewed the sides and bottom leaving the small squares open.
Then I pushed the square corners together 
and sewed them closed.
Now it's time to make your handles!
I cut my canvas fabric and fancy fabrics into 32" x 3" strips.
Next I ironed the canvas strip in half,
then unfolded it and ironed the two ends
 into the middle.
Next I did the same for the fancy fabric
 except I ironed it into thirds so that it would be a smaller strip.
Next I pinned it to the top of the canvas strip so that it covered the folds
and sewed it together on both sides. 
Once both handles were made, I flipped the top of the bag down and pinned the handles to the inside 3 1/2" apart. 
Then I sewed them into place.
Then I flipped the handles up and repinned them and rolled the raw edges under
turned the bag right side out and sewed them down.
Now my little lady has a fancy new 
library tote all her own!
And she couldn't be happier
as you can see!
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Amie @  Pinkapotamus