Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Personalized Upcycled Rocking Chair

My neighbor and I LOVE going to garage sales together and finding fun stuff to repurpose.  
Last spring we found this OLD rocking chair that had LOTS of potential.. so she bought it!
Well after some paint and a little vinyl personalizing I am proud to say it looks like THIS~
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Want to see how I fixed it all up nice and purdy??  Here it is!
Spray paint
Acrylic paint 
Pick Your Plum Vinyl
I started by taking the seat off the chair and spray painting it pink.
While the paint was drying I took the seat cover apart so that all I had left was the base.
Then I hot glued some batting onto it 
so it has some cushion.
Next I cut my fabric so that it would fit over the top of the cushion nice and snug.
And again I hot glued it into place.. 
so it looked pretty!
I also covered a piece of cardboard with the fabric
 and glued it to the bottom
 so that it would cover the old yucky piece of wood. 
Viola.. ready for sitting on~
Then I came back to the chair.
I didn't like the pink color.. I thought it was a bit too soft.  So I repainted it a shade darker.
Then I painted the flower at the top to match the fabric on the seat cover. 
Then I used my Cricut and cut out Grace in tan Pick Your Plum vinyl. 
Then I added it to the bottom.
Last I added the seat.
Now Gracie has a fun rocking chair to sit on the porch for the summer.
It all matches all of the other fun projects I made for Grace~
Her Name Sign
notice the white paper matches the seat cover.  
And her Step Stool
Don't you just love making something NEW again!  I know I do.
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  1. Wow! You really did a great job on the chair. I love the hand painting and personal touch of the name and the G on the little stool.
    Love it!