Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Face Painting Fun!

Okay.. I am NEVER really wordless.. so I will just give a quick description and be done!  My kindergartener is going to have a carnival to celebrate the end of the year and of course I am in charge of the face painting.  So this morning at 6 am I was busy practicing on my not so willing victims.  Heres' how they looked!
The Super Hero
The Pirate
The Fairy Princess
And of course my Fairy Princess could not resist doing a little face painting of her own.. so here is my Butterfly!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Those are impressive. The best ones are the ones where the shape of the hand or the skin texture works for the animal (like the elephant and giraffe). The painting of a cat on the hand seems a bit pointless.