Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Banana Stand Revisited

Sometime before Valentine's Day this year I took this
and made it into this:
My so called banana stand with love!
The other day I tripped over the Banana Stand with Love and thought... maybe I should make something new with this for the summer.
So today while scanning through all of the wonderful bliss that is pinterest I found the answer. 
A hanging mason jar snow globe.

Cute, huh?
So if you want to make one.. here is a super easy tutorial.

mason jar with lid
canola oil
banana stand
Next fill to the top with the oil.  (You can use any oil.. I used canola because Mr. P would be pretty ticked off if I used a $7 bottle of oil to fill the jar for a decoration!)

Now hang it on the stand for a cute display. 

Wouldn't these be cute for a bridal shower or wedding centerpiece?
Have a happy day!
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