Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hooo Are You? #43

Since I haven't played in a while I thought it would be fun to get to know me a little better this week with

So here are the answers's to the questions of everyone's minds this week!

1. How often do you wash your vehicle?
Oh gosh.. maybe once or twice during my 5 years of ownership whether it needs it or not!
  My car is even ready for the summer early this year as it still has a slather of sunblock from the kids from last summer!

2. When riding in a car with someone who usually drives,
them or you?
I usually drive when it is with anyone OTHER than my hubby .. he Never lets me drive unless he is too tired!

3. How many states have you traveled to or through?
22 in total since I was a kid.. 10 of which I have traveled through with my own 3 kids in the car.. sometimes for up to 15 hours.. YIKES!

4. What kind of music do you listen to the most?
Right now I am loving Adele, Lifehouse, One Republic, Rob Thomas and Augustana.

5. Do you prefer the window down or air conditioning?
On the highway a/c.. but on the backroads windows down!



  1. Haha! Your answer to the first question really tickled me. I sometimes think of my car as the "town dump on wheels". Not quite that bad, but close at times. Toys, clothes, snacks (which turn into crumbs). I need to invest in a shovel. :-)

  2. Visiting from Night Owl. Love your answers. I feel as though my car is getting the same treatment. Cups, snacks, leftover lunches or breakfasts. and there is no telling what is on the inside ;-)