Sunday, June 5, 2011

Envy My Find!

Don't you just LOVE free stuff?
I know I do!  In the past few weeks I have gotten lots of free crafting supplies and items to upcycle.  My  favorite librarian at our local library was generous enough to give me not one but two giant garbage bags full of fabric after seeing some of my most recently sewn projects.
Then yesterday we went to a garage sale where I scored this awesome picture frame for a whopping $2
 and then this wicker basket
filled with fabric, embellishments and sewing patterns
 from the 70's for free!  Score!
Can't wait to get creating with all of these fun new finds! 
In the meantime, feast your eyes on some of my newest projects
my works in progress!
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  1. TOTAL ENVY!! Great finds,girl!

  2. Who doesn't love free stuffs. U r simply lucky dear ;-D

  3. Dude you are a true frugalista! Are you going to use that ship picture inside the frame? If not, I would LOVE to take it off your hands for a project of my own......

  4. oh and I am visiting from Running With Glitter!