Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DIY BIG Library Tote Bag

I am  horrified to admit that THIS is MY library bag!
Yikes!  Just awful, right?
But have NO fear.. I don't need to hang my head in shame when I walk into the library anymore because I am now rocking THIS bag!
Whoo hoo!  A BIG improvement right? 
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Here's your chance to make one too!
Sewing Machine
Nylon Handles (optional .. you could make your own but I took the lazy route environmentally responsible route!)
Srart by cutting your fabric.  For this BIG bag cut it into 2 pieces of 22" x 18"  rectangles.
Next cut out a 2" square on two corners. 
Pin your wrong sides together.
Sew the two sides and the bottom avoiding your small cut out squares.
Once sewn push your open corners together
and sew. 
Now grab your handles. 
Fold over the top of the bag
and pin the straps inside.  I measured 6" from the edges so that they would be even.
Now sew. 
Next turn the bottom edges under with the straps pulled over the top.
Sew again.
Give your straps a little reinforcement because no one wants broken straps and spilled books.
Now admire your bag
and fill with your library books to your hearts content!
Enjoy, I know we will!
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  1. Wow!! Great tutorial!! Thanks so much for sharing!! I NEED to make one of these too!! So cute and easy! Love it! :)

  2. Not only am I loving that tote bag, but I'm loving the maxi skirt or dress as well. Very pretty!

  3. So cute! I love how it turned out and it would be useful for so much more than the library too :) Thanks for sharing at Mom On Timeout!