Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Getting Craft Show Ready

This Saturday will be my 7th Craft show.
In the beginning it was VERY overwhelming but here are a few simple ways to make your craft show experience a great one!
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1. Be Prepared!
Pack all your items into easy to carry buckets and pack your car the night before.  The more prepared you are the night before the event the less you will run around with all of your nervous energy in the morning.  I have learned this the HARD way.
2.  Have an EASY to sell product.
Try not to personalize items or bring things that have to be painted unless you have reinforcements (and that is your main product)!  Customers want items that they can walk by and purchase.
I did that at my first few shows and it didn't go so well.  
3.  Have a notebook to take orders.
Customers might love your product and need something special.  Make yourself available to discuss custom options.
4.  Bring pictures of your work.
You can't pack your whole craft room into a bucket, but you can bring a book filled with past projects.  Leave this for customers to browse through.  It is a great way to start a conversation!
Now this is an easy one for me because I am always sooo nervous that my mouth forms a permanent nervous smile.  The friendlier you look the more people will approach you.
6.  If possible, bring a friend.
I love this one.  I bring my hardcore Pink Hippo Fan Carolyn

 or my daughter so that I have moral support and of course a happy helper.  It also helps to pass the time when you have someone to talk to!
7.  Display your Stuff Creatively!
Tables that are set up well are eye catching!  I change my table at every event because I am always adding new products.  
But I also snap a quick pick of each table so that I can improve upon it each time.  Adding height and depth are great ways to showcase your items.
8. Network
There are lots of other vendors around you.  Try to talk to the people around you, exchange business cards.
9.  Get a Square or some other type of card reader.
Not everyone brings a ton of cash to a show but if you a card reader available shoppers are more likely to buy.  This also frees up cash to be spread out among other crafters who don't have card readers.
10.  Have FUN!  
Remember that you are there because you LOVE what you do... sometimes you won't sell anything and sometimes you will make tons.. but just enjoy yourself in it all!
Happy selling~
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  1. What a wonderful post. I've never done a craft show before. I've been tempted but feel like it's still out of my realm of expertise. This was a nice post about what to expect if you decide to do one. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  2. Great tips! Thank you! I'll be doing my first Craft Fair next month and am kind of nervous. -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. I hope your show went really well! These are some really great tips. I would love to do the Farmer's Market, but I know for that I'll need to focus my crafts in a certain area and not a little bit of everything I do. :-)