Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Pins

We love our teachers.. 
and I know, I know, I know that most teachers probably don't want another APPLE themed gift but I just couldn't help it!
Pin It 
It's really cute, right?
It was soo easy to make.. 
I grabbed a plain wood apple, some paint, a pin back and my Pick Your Plum vinyl.
I painted my little apples (cause we have LOTS of teachers)!
Then I cut my vinyl to say "#1 TEACHER"
And added it my apples.
Last I hot glued it to the pin back.
Hope our teachers love them
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Amie @ Pinkapotamus


  1. So cute! I bet they will be wearing them at the appreciation breakfast tomorrow and lunch on Friday!

  2. Cute! Thanks for linking up to the CSI Project. I am going to share on the FB page.